Midnight Show with Antonina Nowacka 2022

5 hour night performance / installation in a 13th gothic church

costume by Atelier Planeta, photo Łukasz Rusznica costume by Atelier Planeta, photo Łukasz Rusznica

My role in the performance was to provide live effects, looping, and layering of Antonina's ethereal voice, organs, and small instruments, using a combination of a modular synth and a 12-channel sound projection system with custom speakers.

I created these 12 small full-range speakers for a different project, but an opportunity arose to use them in a multichannel performance/installation at a relatively low volume for enhanced spatial awareness, high fidelity, and desired mood. Along with Antonina Nowacka, Krzysztof Gill, and Atelier Planeta, we worked on "Midnight Show," a 5-hour, dream-like experience in a 13th-century Gothic church during the international film festival Nowe Horyzonty in Wrocław. The combination of low-tech and high-tech elements, including Antonina's ethereal voice, pipe organ, and various small instruments, as well as my live effects, (re)synthesis, and multichannel mixing/amplification, was presented in the cavernous space of the 13th-century Gothic cathedral. The somnambulic 300-minute performance/installation began at midnight and concluded at dawn.