Midnight Show with Antonina Nowacka 2022

5 hour night performance / installation in a 13th gothic church

costume by Atelier Planeta, photo Łukasz Rusznica costume by Atelier Planeta, photo Łukasz Rusznica

My sonic part was live fx/looping/layering of Antonina's ethereal voice, organs and small instruments combined with modular synth + 12 channel sound projection using custom speakers.

I've made these 12 tiny full range speakers for a different reason altogether (small ambisonic rig), meanwhile an opportunity arrived for battle-testing - a multichannel performance/installation at a relatively low volume, for enhanced spatial awareness, high fidelity and desired mood. Together with Anotonina Nowacka, Krzysztof Gill and Atelier Planeta we are working on Midgnight Show, a nightly, dream-like 5hr experience in a 13th gothic church during international film festival Nowe Horyzonty in Wrocław. Lo-tech meets hi-tech! Combined powers of Antonina's ethereal voice, pipe organ and various small instruments plus my live fx, (re)synthesis and mulitichannel mixing/amplification were facing the 13th century gothic cathedral's cavernous space. A somnambulic 300 min performance/installation started at midnight and concluded at dawn.

A Midnight Show series is curated by Katarzyna Roj and Stach Szabłowski / BWA Wrocław